Solidarity Forever: Growing Up Union

Solidarity Forever

Award-winning storyteller Corinne Stavish—known for originating powerful, provacative, and witty stories—reveals the challanges, responsibilities, and privileges of growing up as the daughter of a labor leader and the granddaughter of immigrants. Memories reshape her world viewed as black and white to a place called Gray.


Story Listing

  1. Solidarity Forever
    Growing up as the daughter of a charismatic labor leader entails learning what he teaches about early union history, especially strikes led by young girls. But what happens when the glories of the past meet the realities of contemporary unionism, and the daughter becomes ambivalent?

  2. It's America!
    A feisty beauty from Austro-Hungary and a radical from Russia meet learning English in night school and begin a passionate relationship. Only in America!

Running Time: 52 minutes

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