Hussies, Harlots, Heroines: Shady Ladies of the Bible

Hussies, Harlots, Heroines: Shady Ladies of the Bible

For as long as Biblical stories have been told, they have been interpreted and embellished. Both Jewish and Christian traditions have time-honored methods to create stories (midrashim) that tell between the lines. In this collection, two-storytellers, Corinne Stavish from the Jewish tradition and Barbara McBride-Smith from the Christian tradition, collaborate to give contemporary voice and new life to Biblical women. We call them shady ladies because, too often, their stories have been left in the shadows, Our retellings were developed with respect for the Biblical text, extensive research, a 21st century female perspective, humor, and humanity.


Story Listing—CD 1

  1. Lilith (Corinne)
    Known as Adam's first wife, Lilith, created equal, demands equality.

  2. Eve (Barbara)
    Eve's name in Hebrew means life, and that's exactly what she wants when she decides to eat the forbidden fruit.

  3. Sarah: The First Jewish Mother (Corinne)
    How does a 90-year-old woman feel when she learns shes about to conceive a long-awaited son?

  4. Mary & the Teenage Jesus (Barbara)
    When seen from the viewpoint of a mother trying to deal with an unpredictable adolescent, the gospel story of Jesus in a temple takes on a new perspective.

Story Listing—CD 2

  1. Leah & Dinah: A Mama Always Knows (Corinne)
    A girl is seduced; her brothers take violent revenge. Now their mother confides what she thinks really happened.

  2. Corinthian Woman Preacher (Barbara)
    A contemporary clergywoman addresses the issue of propriety in the pulpit.

  3. Cain's Wife: Noda from Nod (Corinne)
    All we know is that she comes from Nod and marries the first murderer. What might she say of she could testify against her husband?

  4. Women Clothed in Purple & Scarlet (Barbara)The story of Ruby May Winesapp, a small town girl gone bad, parallels the apocalyptic symbol of Babylon as the harlot of the world.

  5. Rachel & Leah (Barbara)
    Can two sisters, one barren and one fertile, who grew up without their mama, were raised by a daddy as tricky as a coyote, and are now married to the same first cousin, who stole his father's birthright and blessing, rekindle their sisterly love and affection and find true happiness…in the desert?

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