"Sha! Don't Tell!"

Sha! Don't Tell!

Grandma was the best baker, bargain shopper, and balabusta (housekeeper) I knew. Her hands controlled a feather duster, a rolling pin, and fed me cookies, all while telling stories laden with secrets, past and present. Her heavily accented English frequently slid into Yiddish, especially with her pet endearment, "mamela" (little mother). She left her voice and stories permanently rooted in my head and heart.


"Sha! Don't Tell!" | Secret Love Letters to Lou
Winner of The 2012 Storytelling World Resource Award for Stories for Adult Listeners


Story Listing

  1. Bargain Shopping with Grandma (Click Here to Hear the Story)
    Grandma leaps into bins in a single bound and emerges with a bargain that defies reality.

  2. Secret Love Letters to Lou
    Restricted by a written command of English, Grandma enlists her granddaughter secretly to answer love letters to a man she met on the "bich in Miami."

  3. "Sha! Don't Tell"
    Coming from a family with a strong leftist background, a girl learns to keep secrets and to appreciate the full promise of the American Dream.

Running Time; 52 minutes

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