"That was a wonderful event and I greatly appreciate your sharing your talent with our high school campers. They were transfixed by your stories. I think they gained some much needed insight into the importance of personal relationships. I know they were unsure of what to expect going into the evening, but they were mesmerized by the balance of subtlety and intensity in your stories. I certainly enjoyed myself. Great job!" ~Adam Berry. (An email sent after the LTU high school camper program)


"It is a pleasure to tell stories with and listen to stories told by a teller as competent, relaxed and audience-related as you are." Your admirer, ~Kathryn Windham. (personal note after the 2010 National Storytelling Festival)


"As satisfying as a bowl of homemade chicken soup on a blustery winter day, Corinne Stavish delivers insightful stories of her Jewish heritage with warmth, wit and wisdom. Eloquent and entertaining, Corinne is a joy to work with, a pleasure to listen to, and a delight to learn from." ~Debi Richan, Timpanogos Storytelling Institute.


"Corinne Stavish is a rare talent, telling well as a performer and teaching well as an educator. It is most unusual to find both skills in a single storyteller." ~Donald Davis, Storyteller.


"Her voice is natural, expressive, and confident. She cares about her material…both in her telling and the way she makes the stories her own…and then offers them wholeheartedly to listeners." ~The Second Story.


"Stavish has warmed the hearts of young and old audiences." ~The Detroit Jewish News.


"The audience is quiet and enthralled with the words of the storyteller who can evoke from them laughter or tears…mesmerizing." ~Southfield Observer Eccentric.


"A renowned storyteller. Speaking with her hands, mouth, eyes, she brings life to tales." ~Orion Township News.


"A superb storyteller…one of the best inter-generational workshop leaders, performers and teachers in the United States." ~Harlene Appelman, Executive Director, The Covenant Foundation.


"I can't tell you how fabulous you were. Everyone is talking about you. I have to figure out a way to bring you back. " ~Rabbi Daniel Roberts, Temple Emanu-El, University Heights, Ohio.


"Corinne you shone Saturday night. Occasionally, when a performer stands on stage there is a glow about them. You had that glow—that extraordinary warmth that invites everyone into the world of the storyteller. How wonderful. Thanks." ~Jay O'Callahan, Storyteller.


"I wanted to let you know that your stories are amazing. You have quickly become a household celebrity. Just yesterday, I heard my 10-year-old, Molly, singing "Solidarity Forever" in the shower! The story moved me to tears. My favorite is the one about your grandma's letter to Lou. I love your stories because they are humorous and touching at the same time, and they leave me thinking about the goodness of people." ~Trish Steding, Story Listener.


"You were wonderful and more beautiful every time I saw you [at the National Festival]. I was so happy to hear "Love Letters" in person. Such a gift. I couldn't speak with you after "Solidarity Forever" because there were several men standing in line with tears in their eyes and I had to wonder what their experiences had been. You touched hearts and imaginations, memories and dreams. Thank you so much for inviting me to come along." ~Susannah Miller, Story Listener at 2010 National Storytelling Festival.


"Nothing can beat being a grandmother. While my daughter challenged my every word and deed, my granddaughters think of me as a sterling role model. One of them even thinks I am "cool." That must be why I am so enamored of Corinne Stavish's CD SHA!Don't Tell! a heartfelt and loving tribute to Stavish's grandmother…On the CD's back cover, Stavish states that her grandmother"left her voice and stories permanently rooted in my head and heart." I thank Stavish for sharing the wealth. Now her listeners may cherish Grandma's stories and words, as well." ~Linda Goodman, Voices in the Glen Newsletter.


"The workshop was outstanding…the teachers raved about it. The entire school was enthralled with your performance…that enhanced what the children are studying ." ~Dave Gracy, Vandenburg Elementary.


"Your telling has the elegance of crystal." ~Peninnah Schram, Storyteller.


"Tells with the enthusiasm of someone who…loves her stories and offers them…as a gift." ~The Story Bag.


"Stavish is gifted with an attractive voice and a compelling delivery style…" ~The Bulletin Storytelling Review,Vol I.


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